Student years are incredibly vital in terms of development, as teenagers gradually enter adulthood. While nobody can underestimate the dedicated work done by teachers in classrooms around the world, what better way to educate and offer life affirming influences than to take a school party on an adventure overseas where there are so many positives to be gained.

We all remember our school days. Nothing has changed as we all learn more when having fun or we were involved in vocational studies. That’s why a trip that broadens the mind is so advantageous to the development of a scholar as well as offering memories that they will never forget.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should consider an overseas adventure for your students.

  1. Curriculum tours offer a fantastic opportunity to educate as you fit your trip around the national school curriculum. Continue to teach subjects while in a great location. Fit your topics and subjects so that they are made relevant to the destination you choose.
  2. Choose a trip containing sustainable travel. Teach your students the importance of caring for people and the future of our planet by being climate positive and minimising the footprint while on tour. Show your party the importance of planting trees while away and choose a company for your trip that prides itself on seeking to cut emissions.
  3. Using your adventure as a school retreat teaches students’ camaraderie, building friendships and a sense of community in a location where they can grow spiritually outside of a classroom environment. All invaluable for developing for future adult years.
  4. A leadership expedition is a wonderful way to teach leadership skills, which can be invaluable in later life. Scholars can learn important life skills such as teamwork, team management as well as dealing with individuals and the precious art of empathy.
  5. A sports tour is the perfect way for your athletes to learn how their specialised sport is played elsewhere, with different techniques, tactics, and mentalities. Playing sport brings people together and forges friendships as participants show respect to their opponents after competing. Again, this is a wonderful education in life skills and bringing down barriers.

In conclusion, a school overseas tour and adventure are hugely advantageous in a student’s development in learning life skills, building friendships with fellow pupils and locals as well as opening the mind, and of course gathering education. All while having fun in a beautiful location.