Building a character and personality is a whole process. It is not a short path or trick to emerge as any successful person or fall back in failure. Our life is the collection of experiences and their outcomes on how we act in any situation. Our decisions for the path only lead us to good or bad.

Can Decision Making Be Taught?

We are well aware that crafting such qualities begin in childhood. At the tender stage, we take in all kinds of examples and learn from them. They happen to be the building blocks of our thought process. We seldom pay attention to what a small child is observing or learning, or even at times wade away with the fact that they might not understand the happenings. But we are mistaken that these trivial experiences create a huge impact on our brain. Decision making is an important aspect—a broad category that covers certain phases or moments and our entire life. The main aim of humankind was to evolve with the capability, and we should start with teaching kids to make good decisions. Later in life, if we try teaching an adult any new theory, we often encounter many objections and questions. The mind, which is already designed to function in a certain way, fails to adopt a completely new procedure. Teaching good manners and principles at a young age facilitates the mind’s easy mending as the raw brain still fetches to imbibe the knowledge.

Young Brains Imbibed

The general approach to teaching anything is schooling and coaching. But we fail to recognize that decision making isn’t a subject or course to be finished and examined.It is a character developing strategy that gets tested in every phase of life. Schooling no doubt plays an important role in this subject. How the teamwork, association with diverse people, and work completion challenge the children to decide and work accordingly. The teachers are role models and guides in this task. They help the students choose but don’t completely solve the problem. The continuous challenges since the young days build a great decision making this way.

Play Of Decisions In Life

Decision making is not any skill to master but a necessary trait to be developed.
Big organizations and firms are made out of small offices and businesses with a good decision at the proper time. Many revered and successful people also had to struggle and work hard to reach the crescendo. Competition and others’ achievements make us envy them, but we don’t see the good decisions they took compared to ours.

All humanity might not be successful and rich, but instead of envying and regretting our past decisions, we can always learn to make and develop more.