The world has shrunk thanks to the rise of digital technology and for many parents who want the best for their offspring, choosing the best school is the goal. If we follow the model of ‘you get what you pay for’, it points to international school education and there are many benefits for your child when you enroll them in an American international school.

Multi-Cultural Learning Environment

The students at the American international school in Bangkok come from many ethnic backgrounds and your son or daughter would grow up understanding that people come from many cultures and each must be respected. This means a young person has a balanced and unbiased view of the world and when they meet people from other cultures, they are at ease, as they were raised in a multi-cultural environment.

Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking Skills

International schools use a project-based approach, whereby students work together to produce a presentation, which might be on boards, a digital presentation, or even a drama performance. The teacher takes a backseat role, ready to offer guidance when needed; the students have to make a series of decisions and allocate the work within the group and it is this process that hones critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

English: The International Language

If you are a non-native English speaker living in Thailand, for example, it is paramount that you enroll your child in a school that uses English as the language of instruction. If a child has reached the age of 11 and has yet to be introduced to English, the path to fluency is long and hard, but if you choose an international school at pre-school age, your son or daughter is guaranteed to achieve English fluency. This will open many doors career-wise and your child should have no difficulty entering the university of their choosing and can pursue a career with a multi-national employer.

Information Technology

Today’s generation know not of pre-Internet life and children need to be taught how to make the best use of IT, which is developing at an alarming rate. All high school students should be able to build a basic website and would send and receive their assignments via email. Indeed, IT can be incorporated into every subject and as the students get older, their IT knowledge base grows, which helps them to move into a digital career.

If you want the best for your child, invest in an international education and they will acquire the skills to be a successful and happy adult.