One of the major things that distinguish a human being from other animals is analyzing the mistake made and then acting upon so that the same mistake won’t happen again. It’s the ability of learning that makes the homo sapiens superior to everyone else.

And the place responsible for making a person learn the process of learning is none other than the schools that we went to when we were younger. Schools are very important for one’s life, and without any kind of schooling in his or her life, a person is programmed to doom. Here the term schooling is used in a very vague manner. Schooling can also mean the things learned from any senior or our grandparents or any older relative.


  • Without schooling, a person cannot perform well in the professional world. Academics may sound boring, but in reality, they are very important. Without proper degrees and resume, no company will ever let you sit for the interview. You have some type of .so to earn money through degrees and other academics activities one needs to go to school.
  • Academics is not the only part in which schooling helps. Schools provide much better things which are much more valuable than academics and bookish knowledge. They teach us values such as compassion, honesty, loyalty, self-pride, etc., are taught here, not taught anywhere in the world.

  • Moreover, schools help in the child’s overall development, the age from 10 to 19 is the most important time in one’s life because it these years the brain develops the most and people find their paths in these years only.

Sum up

Finding a school in this day and age is also a very tough job because of the sheer number of options. But some schools are above everyone else. These schools are given special value in society and are often used as a status symbol. They are known as the distinguished apple schools. This is the most prestigious status a school can have on their name. This means that the school has been given special attention by the technological giant Apple. They are only given after school, and its authorities meet certain conditions and standards.

And apple-distinguished schools in Bay area are the best in the country of the USA, so if a person is thinking of giving a perfect education to their children, one can start from here.