If you are interested in healthcare and want to pursue a career that’s rewarding and fulfilling at the same time, there are varied paths and roles to consider. One of them is Patient Care Technician. Patient Care Technicians, simply called PCTs, work closely with nurses at hospitals, various rehabilitation centers and clinics, offering care for patients. Becoming a Técnico del Cuidado al Paciente can be quite satisfying, considering no two days on the job are ever same. In this post, we are sharing all worth knowing about patient care technicians.

What’s the difference between patient care technicians and nursing technicians?

Both jobs are essentially the same, but in different countries, different terms are used. The role of a patient care technician is rather basic, when compared to a nurse. They are more involved in offering personal care to patients, such as helping them with their daily chores, aiding them in using the bathroom, feeding patients (if needed, serving food, and changing their clothes and bedding. Most patient care technicians also offer considerable mental and emotional support for patients, and they note the vitals regularly, so that medical help can be sought in time.

What do PCTs do?

In more precise terms, patient care technicians offer basic services to patients, like taking samples, sending samples for testing, checking blood pressure & pulse regularly, offering updates to healthcare experts, and accompanying patients when they go for outpatient care. PCTs also have experience with electrocardiograms, basic wound care, splits, and administering intravenously.

Why consider becoming a patient care technician?

Besides the demand, patient care technicians have the choice to work either full-time or part-time. They can start almost immediately after completing their coursework, and they make real difference to the life of patients, much like nurses. The healthcare sector depends on nursing assistants considerably, especially outpatient centers, laboratories, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing facilities. This is also a very respectable job. Not to forget, the pay is great, depending on the state you live in. Most patient care technicians make $26,000 or more annually in the US, at the least.

Final word

As the demand for healthcare workers increases, PCTs are likely to be in great demand in years to come. You can expect to find more roles in different health sectors, and if job security matters to you more than anything else, this could be an ideal career path in the right context. Check online for courses now!