You may be asking if it is a good time to study Tourism and Hospitality because of the pandemic? Although this sector has taken a big hit as nobody is allowed to travel unless for essential reasons, the industry can only go one way after the pandemic, and that way is up. As soon as people are vaccinated, and borders start opening, international travel will resume, and millions will tour the world.


Studying for a degree in the Tourism and Hospitality industry opens up many doors. It prepares you for a successful career with the opportunity to progress and move into high-level positions. Even if you study for a Tourism and Hospitality degree, you can still go on to enrol on an MBA course (known as หลักสูตรอินเตอร์ in Thai) that will advance your skill set in the industry.

It is a diverse field that offers a lot of opportunities, especially for someone who decided to obtain a master’s degree that relates to the field.

Travel the World

One of the best things about pursuing a degree in Tourism and Hospitality is that it will open up job opportunities all over the world. You can choose to work in a boutique hotel in a major international city or a busy resort on a tropical beach. Once the pandemic has finished, people will flock to tourist destinations in their millions.

Having a degree in this field offers endless choice. You can easily see the world when you have the qualifications to secure a good job to support your travel.

Learning Vital Skills

When you come out with a Tourism and Hospitality degree, you learn all kinds of valuable soft and hard skills. Working in this environment calls for excellent leadership skills, teamwork, organisation and more. You will learn all of these skills during your studies and once you have been integrated into the workforce.

Only Way is Up

Many people believe that studying Tourism and Hospitality is a bad idea because of the current climate, but once you complete your degree, the climate will have changed, and millions of tourists will once again take on international travel. It is an industry that is sure to bounce back.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to study Tourism and Hospitality. It allows you to travel the world as it is a diverse industry which needs all kinds of employees for various tasks. If you plan on studying in Thailand, make sure you choose the right college.