Working in the healthcare sector can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. This is one of those industries that are immune to depression and economy concerns, and there is a constant demand for professionals. If you want a job in healthcare, you may consider the role of a MA. Medical assistants are professionals who manage clinical and admin tasks at a clinic, hospital, physician’s office, or assisted living facility. Wondering if you should become a medical assistant? Here is a look at the pros and cons.

The advantages

  • Becoming a medical assistant is easier than becoming a nurse or surgeon. The course is usually for a year, and you can start working almost immediately. While a bachelor’s degree is usually preferred, you can even find a job with a high school diploma, as long as you have completed the MA program.
  • The demand for medical assistants is on the rise, and the average salary in the US, as of 2019, is around $35,000+. In some states, you can only expect to earn more. Experience plays a key role in your salary, so as you work in a clinic, you can expect your pay to go up.
  • Compared to some of the other jobs and roles in the healthcare sector, the work of a medical assistant is more stable in terms of working hours. You will have a 9-to-5 routine in most cases, except for a few erratic calls here and there.

  • There is immense satisfaction in the job. You get to work with patients directly, and you can be involved in their care and treatment in a small but significant way.

On the flip side

There is no denying that medical assistants don’t get paid as much as some of the other healthcare roles, and the pay is not even in every state, even though the national average is quite satisfactory.

Final word

That said, medical assistant is a perfect choice for a lot of patients, who are looking for ways to manage their career and get started right away. You can check for accredited programs and find a college that offers you the perfect exposure. Once you start working, you will find other choices to diversify your career further. Becoming a medical assistant can be a great way to diversify your prospects in the healthcare sector. Review every aspect before enrolling for an MA program.